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  Xu zhou Hanbang Art Company is situated in Feng Country-the Handicrafts Hometown of China.It is a company which specializes in straw patchwork manufacturing.Our plant is staffed by highly skilled workers who take great pride in their work.Taking specially selected straw as raw also apply the latest modern techniques such as cutting,shaving,grinding and searing.They also apply the latest modern technique in the manufacturing process,for example,evaporation,torrefaction,dissection and ironing.Once the required standards have been reached the material is ready for the straw patchwork stage.This is filled a rich Chinese countryside flavour.The final products portray Chinese flowers,birds,worms,landscapes,buildings,people and fashions.
Straw patchwork is being appreciated by more and more people not only in China but also in Western countries.It is suitable for decoration equally in family homes,hotels and offices.It is also valuable as a gift for foreign friends.Our straw patchwork often gains prizes in many artworks exhibitions.
Xuzhou,the source of Han culture in China,is alive with traditional culture.You can feel its living presence here,and you will be welcome.Xuzhou Hanbang Art Co.Ltd.takes great pride in offering its customers nothing but the best in all its products and services.

Xuzhou Hanbang Art Co.,ltd
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